Illustrations: GOSIA KULIK

96 pages
25,5 x 25,5 cm

Portraits of diseases that left their mark on the fate of the world and human history. This brilliantly illustrated book is a story about fourteen diseases, viral and bacterial, including flu, measles, plague, ebola, cholera, leprosy, smallpox, AIDS, malaria, typhus, tuberculosis, polio, syphilis and yellow fever. Most of them have disappeared in the darkness of the past, we are still fighting the few, some threaten their return.

“THE SICK STORIES” includes a description of the characteristic symptoms of each disease, historical outline, information on treatment and prevention, but the book does not pretend to be an encyclopedia of diseases or a classic guide. It is rather an invitation to travel to the past, to delve into the „sick stories” of centuries ago – in the story of epidemics, pandemics and human courage to fight viruses and bacteria in often lethal clashes.

The position is targeted at older children and teenagers; certainly also can interest adults. The authors took care not only of the substantive value of the book, but also its high artistic level. Intriguing graphics, expressive, suggestive drawings by Gosia Kulik are eye-catching, directing attention to details, sometimes blunt and fascinating.

“THE SICK STORIES” recalls a number of known figures from the world of science, culture and politics, such as Dimitrij Mendelejew, Louise Bourbon, Baldwin IV the Leper or Alexander Selkirk (prototype of Robinson Cruzoe), surprising the reader with remarkable details of their lives. Thanks to this, they are not only pale figures from the distant past, but also people of flesh and blood who, through their own fault or for reasons beyond their control, found themselves on the path entangled in the course of history of diseases. The book surprises, releases curiosity and all this from a modern perspective, with a hint of bitter humor and reflection from a distance.

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